Postcards from Anozira

Postcards from Anozira 3.2

The Mayor of Anozira needs your help to drive tourists to the town
3.2 (See all)

The Mayor of Anozira needs your help to drive tourists to the town! Explore the vast desert land and learn about the local stops and interesting wilderness areas as you use your Hidden Object skills to attract new people to the area and help local business survive. Explore the exotic world of the Wild West and discover a host of unusual treasures. (Okay, most of it's junk, but still...) Enter the homes of the town's many colorful inhabitants. Descend into the fabled Lost Dutchman's Mine and uncover riches beyond your craziest imaginings. Do all this and more as you challenge your perception and observation skills.

Select from 5 playable characters: Al Emmo, Rita Peralto, Kevin the Bartender, Koko the General Store Manager, or Mayor Herbie Trinkwasser. Choose to play casually in "relaxed" mode, or challenge your quick-thinking with the timer on. Dare you venture into the world of sand, sun, and silliness?

-Explore the desert land of Anozira and challenge your observation skills.
-5 Playable characters: Rita, Kevin, Koko, the Mayor... and, of course, Al Emmo.
-Thousands of Hidden Objects, randomized each time you play.
-145 Postcards to collect.
-Collect Bonus Tokens to boost your score and enhance your game.
-Solve a variety of entertaining mini-games.
-Full voice acting & lipsyncing.
-Timed or Relaxed mode. Choose your playing style.

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